5 Children Injured In Tennessee School Bus Crash

5 Children Injured In Tennessee School Bus Crash
5 Children Injured In Tennessee School Bus Crash

A bus crashed in Tennessee where five children have been killed and more than twenty were injured, Monday afternoon, according to the report. 24 years of bus driver Johnthony Walker was arrested and faces five charges of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving, Chattanooga police said late Monday.

5 Children Injured In Tennessee School Bus Crash
5 Children Injured In Tennessee School Bus Crash

In addition to the five deaths, six students were admitted to nearby area hospitals and 20 others were treated and released from the hospital after the proper heck up.

There were five students from Kindergarten through fifth grade who were on board when the bus flipped on its one side and wrapped around the tree. The bus was the only vehicle which was involved in the crash. But the Fletcher said that the scene and accident which happened was complicated and covered a significant area. According to the sources, Rescue crew helped students for hours to free children from the bus. Two students were badly injured placed on stretcher in a nearby front lawn, while others walked away clutching their parent’s hands. It almost took 2 hours for the rescue crew to free all the children from the bus.

The National Transportation Safety Board tweeted that a team would be heading towards Chattanooga where the incident happened for the more detailed investigation on Tuesday morning.

On the other side, Fletcher said that the children who died in this accident , their news had been notified to their respective parents. But their names cannot be released because they were juveniles.

The politician and a current governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam named this bus crash a ‘tragic event’ and offered assistance from his side. He also mentioned that they will do whatever they can to assist in any way. Its a very sad situation where there is a school bus and children are involved.

The local churches people from Tennessee also arranged the candlelight march to honor the children who had died in the bus crash. And an area blood bank put out an emergency call for donation of the blood for the injured children.

Fletcher described that police is going to investigate properly whether alcohol played any role in this bus crash and he has also mentioned that speed is being investigated very, very strongly as a factor in this crash.”

This is not the first time this bus crash on Tennessee happened before also when also dozens of students were involved and got injured and died due to the crash.