Disregard: U.S Flag Removed From Hampshire College


Post 58th US Presidential Election held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, and was backed by Donald Trump the present U.S president.The  school officials of Hampshire College taken  the controversial  decision not to flew U.S flag in the campus out of the of outrage and fear of the all and sundry. Prior to Veterans day, students were burned flags including U.S flags on campus, opponents expressed their dissatisfaction and resentment on the victory of Donald Trump.


According to the media, the protest was tranquil, aside from one isolated incident, president of Hamshire College Jonathan Lash was not present at the time of the event. Jonathan Lash said the campus will have words with students and college official of the college to make practical and effective use of flags in the future and do not hurt the pride of the nation.

As a matter of fact, on Sunday at a western Massachusetts college hundred of Veterans protested gathered to in demand of resuming the U.S flag with honor in the center from the flagpole of the college at its usual place. On the other hand, Hampshire officials made the declaration in the ongoing  month that for the time being or for some period of time, the college will not fly the U.S  or any other flag from its regular position or original location that is flagpole at the center of Hampshire campus.

But more importantly, the number of veterans carried flags and shared photographs on social media showing all the flags  including the U.S flag at the Hampshire campus for the protest. Furthermore, many who are against the decision of the college organization said that it gives the impression of disrespect and contempt towards the United States and veterans public to keep the flag down.

On the other hand, staffs of the school said that they warmly welcome the meaningful and peaceful discussions about the flag astute. According to some U.S citizens, our flag is a symbol of our country. Our understandable and comprehensive message for all others to ask for respect the flag of our country as we recognized on behalf of our nation’s flag some or the other way, so we one and all ought to respect it, even students urged to resume the flag at its normal pace.

What else to be delineated, veterans folk and others deliberately want  hundred of U.S. flags to be placed on the locality of the veteran or street around the college. Staffs of the school said that they . Let’s hope for the resuming of the flag as soon as possible, as its always good to see our country’s flag flying high in the sky and spreading its colors all around.