Ex-Firefighter Who Undergone Rare Face Transplant Meets Donor’s Mother


It is noteworthy, as Patrick Hardison, a 42-year-old a volunteer firefighter badly disfigured face by severe burns in a search and rescue mission through a blazing house fire, including his nose, lips, eyelids and even his ears in a house fire back in 2001. In August 2015 he had successfully undergone a face transplant, after David Rodebaugh 26-year-old boy who died in New york in a bicycle accident due to brain injury last summer. He had expertise in BMX biker and  also worked as a bike mechanic, furthermore, Nancy Millar his mother decided to donate organs of his son.


According to the reports, Nancy Millar talked regarding the donation of the organs ThroughLiveOnNY, an organ donation organization found a perfect match for the Rodebaugh’s face with Hardison. After two days, on Aug. 14, 2015, Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez  the chairperson of the Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York took Patrick Hardison into an operation theater for the surgical procedure that took 26 hours 26-hour. Eventually, fitted Rodebaugh’s face to Hardison’s head and the rare transplant was a great success.

Finally, the day came when Patrick Hardison and Nancy met for the first time face to face on Nov. 7 in New York City, it was a very emotional meeting, they talked and thanked each other. Moreover, Millar knelt down with happy tears and everyone present there overwhelmed with this sweet gesture, persons who were there have captured the sincere and special moment. Further, Hardison and donor’s mother both met the other three recipients as well, two of them were children who received a new kidney and one woman received a new heart.

However, first Nancy Miller asked Ex-Firefighter can I get a chance to kiss your forehead? after that, she described that she shared a very special, divine and natural bond with her son and they both have the tradition of kissing each other on a forehead and Patrick accepted the proposal happily after getting a second chance on life.

According to the doctors, it was an extremely risky surgery that have only 50 % of survival rate. Hardison  did not show any denial for the rare transplant. Patrick Hardison Former Mississippi firefighter stated it was very difficult to live without a proper face for 14 prolonged years as life was not normal after the fire incident. He stayed strong and healthy for the surgery, it was a life-changing operation for him as well as for his family.

What else to be delineated, It was a great sacrifice by Nancy Millar and Dave Rodebaugh to donate the organs for four individuals and it was worthy, lifelong present for all of them, it would also inspire others to take into consideration the organ donation to make a difference in someone’s life.