Japan On High Alert: Earthquake And Tsunami Strike Fukushima Coastline


Japan  had a number of volcanoes and a prolonged history of natural calamities.From past few weeks, weather agencies have put early  high alert in Japan, in the context, of an earthquake and small tsunami strike Fukushima coastline, seems to be an alarming sign. As all of a sudden image of 2011  an earthquake and tsunami flashes, that has killed 18000 people and one of the most vigorous  recorded quake ever. When huge tsunami waves  overflowed and wiped away the entire nearby. in addition to this, it has caused a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, as a result, an extensive clean-up operation is still in-process.


As a matter of fact, An earthquake occurred at 05:59 JST,22 Nov. 2016 in the  FUKUSHIMA-KEN OKI region, with the recorded latitude and longitude 37.4N and 141.6E Depth, approximately 30km respectively and earthquake with the magnitude of 7.4 strikes northern Japan.Recorded Tsunamis  is up to 90 centimeters,1.4 meters, according to the operator of the Fukushima plant as just 1-metre  tsunami detected at Sendai Bay,therefore, there were no abnormalities noticed at the plant,and at Fukushima nuclear plant respectively, further, Depth of the quake recorded at 10 km.

According to the reports, thousands of people asked to evacuate from a coastal area immediately.buildings were shook because of  an earthquake  in Tokyo, 150 miles southwest of the epicentre.This time minor injuries  were witnessed. Moreover no sign of damage to the respective plant.But more importantly,the alert was eventually lifted about four hours later. The regions from which Tsunami Advisors have been lifted warning are IWATE PREF,MIYAGI PREF,FUKUSHIMA PREF, IBARAKI PREF(slight sea level changes has been witnessed).However,no Tsunami damage is anticipated.There may be still slight sea level changes in the coastal areas,so, while fishing,swimming or engaging in other marine activities attention must be paid.

Highlighted factors of an earthquake and tsunami observed:

Witness recalls quake

Warnings liftedWaves travel down river in Japan (towards east coast according to the footage)

Nuclear plant back to normal (alert was lifted)- Residents flee: local news anchors urging to the local public of Japan not to depart from a coastal area in Fukushima prefecture, as the situation may get uncontrollable.

A few waves have hit the coastline in Sendai Bay :Although,no major damage has been reported till now.

Effect on Fukushima cooling system by an earthquake :though, no immediate danger observed at Fukushima Daini nuclear plant.

Tsunami waves hit coast: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant According to Kyodo news report,The only catastrophe noticed this morning’s earthquake is a female suffered cut  to her head from falling dishes at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Fire at petroleum refining facility (situation under control)

-Boats trying to get out to sea to avoid powerful tsunami waves

-Flashbacks of earthquake 2011

-Quake caused buildings to shake in Tokyo-Checked for earthquake damage at Fukushima nuclear plant