Portland Resident Man Dissolved In

Portland Resident Man Dissolved In Acidic Water
Portland Resident Man Dissolved In Acidic Water

Details have emerged about a man who dissolved when fell in the hot, boiling, acidic water. The name of the boy is Colin Nathaniel Scott, 23 years old boy is the resident of Portland and died who died in a Yellowstone National Park hot spring in this June. According to the final report that came out about the incident that happened in Yellowstone National Park officials, who released the information by filling up the request Freedom of Information by KULR-8. A dangerous incident happened when 23 years old boy Scott was bending over to check out the temperature of hot boiling water, according to the report that came out, Scott slipped and fell inside the boiling acidic water.

Portland Resident Man Dissolved In Acidic Water
Portland Resident Man Dissolved In Acidic Water

Rescue rangers who came later found Scott’s body inside the pool , judged Scott to be dead by observing the lack of moment. the were not able to recover the body at that time because of the lightning storm and too much darkness.  When they returned back next day, the body was all dissolved in the boiling acidic water and they didn’t found anything but his wallet and flip-flops according to the report. The acidic water dissolved all the remains of the Scott. His sister has recorded the video on her phone and having all the footage but park refused to upload that video in public.

Scott is not the first victim or wouldn’t be the last the victim of this Yellowstone National Park. The hot boiling, acidic water have claimed 22 more lives since 1890, for more than have been killed because of the lightning strikes and acidic water.

Scott was on a college graduation trip with his sister at that time when the incident happened during his death. The report included many images of the incident to spread awareness of Geothermal feature so that they can travel away from the boiling acidic water where Colin Nathaniel Scott lost his life.

All the warnings signs are  have been posted there in the park since 1888, but they have been ignored by peoples who come there from generations. Today Yellowstone officials are relying on social media to spread this dangerous news of the park as much as it can be. People should be very aware of all these serious issues.

A week later when the incident happened, a tourist from China who came to visit was fined $1000 for breaking the fragile crust in Yellowstone National Park, apparently to collect hot water for medicinal purpose.