Return Of Goldberg To Survivor Series – History


It is noteworthy that, Craze for survivor series 2016 is on cloud nine. Masses are getting freak with enthusiasm and passion of WWE this time, by virtue of, the unbelievable return of Goldberg after 12 prolonged years to Survivor series. Survivor event is forthcoming and most awaited professional wrestling premium television show that will be held on November 20th , 2016 in Canada, brought by WWE for the SmackDown and Raw brands .


Monday Night Raw commonly termed as WWE Raw or merely Raw is United States based professional wrestling television show, broadcasts on Monday evenings at 8 pm on USA Network. The program debuted on January 11, 1993. However,The five-luminary battalion of Raw’s man’s Superstar’s take on the group of SmackDown LIVE’s rivals in a 5-on-5 remarkable Survivor series Men’s extermination Match.

In addition to this, Highlighted major wrestlers of WWE Raw is Steph and Mick Dropping Bombs. Owens and Reigns d Sheamus and Cesaro.Rollins, Strawman and Jericho Meet Backstage. Sami Zayn Brian Kendrick .Rollins, Jericho, and Strawman. Stephanie and Mick Speak To Paul Heyman. Sasha And Charwretlerslotte . Also, Raw vs. SmackDown LIVE. Just one show can be in the ring field .

As a matter of fact, Survivor Series 2016, undoubtedly, be the limelight of this week’s WWE Raw, as Goldberg will be battling with brock Lesnar’s come one-on-one for the very first time on account of WrestleMania XX. Contenders are proposed from Smackdown live by the conductors of the red brand to accompany them on the wrestling night in a WWE Arena .

The welcoming championship competition between Team Blue and Tea Red about-face real on Sunday, November 20. Each Monday Night Raw’s Survivor Series contestants are in the ring and would be introduced by the Red brand’s . Obviously, match fixing and matching would the part of wrestling, lets the public get entertained.

Blood relation competition between Shane and Stephanie McMahon would be on hype and action. Fortunately, Cordial match between General Managers Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan will evident to generate more happening and exciting arena for the ordinance . At the same time, all three teams presenting WWE Raw at the Survivor series 2016 will be making hard to drop tactics and hatred sideways. Consequently, can get rid off from differences of any kind , Lesnar and Goldberg vowed just to get reinforce.

Have a pleasant time, stay tuned to survivor series .