Snapchat Glasses – What They Are How They Work?

Snapchat Glasses
Snapchat Glasses

Snapchat is the blend of two words, one is snap which means picture and other is a chat that means messaging. So snap chat is primarily an image messaging and interactive mobile application introduced in April 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Reggie, Brown and Bobby Murphy. Snapchat involves a mixture of private chatting and public content, it includes publications, live events,  and brand networks live events like music and sports.

Snapchat Glasses
Snapchat Glasses

Snapchat regarded as “camera company” has declared a pair of sunglasses in the month of October 2016, termed as Snapchat Spectacles.These glasses can save snap and record small video up to  30 seconds. A novel trait of Snapchat which stores your saved snaps, videos, locked content and stores automatically to Snapchat Memories.  In order to, capture your expedition and excursion to cherish your life moment in the upcoming time, so as to feel rejuvenated and fresh throughout your life.

How actually snap chat sunglasses works?

Noteworthy, Snapchat Spectacles has the notable characteristic that’s 115-degree lens camera which absolutely imitates the Individual in terms of appearances. Available in a single size, and three colors teal, coral, and black.

Moreover, Snapchat sunglasses are easily compatible with iOS devices and Android person just need a Snapchat app. iPhone user can share their pictures and videos through Wi-fi or Bluetooth connection.However, if you are  Android user you can easily transfer via Wi-Fi.

According to the reports, snap chat sunglasses are easy to use, as to record a picture or video, a person just has to tap a button left-hand corner on the top of the spectacles. It has imbibed feature of auto-stop recording after every 10 seconds, although, no worries! Individual can tap one more time for additional 10-second enlargement.  A person can see an inward-facing flash when they are clicking a snap. On the other hand, an outward- facing flash to record others, undoubtedly, they must be at the boundary of your view.

Battery backup Snapchat Spectacles’?

As a matter of fact, ‘Snapchat Spectacles’ batteries will last around one day. Outward-facing flash will provide the indication of the battery.

How much do Snapchat Spectacles cost?

The Sunglasses cost $129.99 (approximately £100). On eBay up to $900 cost price.

Location of  Snapbots?

A Snapbots located at headquarters in California researched by Snap. Snap users can search Snapbots by navigation facility provided on the Spectacles website.Through, Snapbots Snapchat Spectacles can be purchased. Several numbers of snap chatter keen to use snap chat glasses to have a unique and tremendous experience.