Trump Recommended: Steven Mnuchin Ex-Goldman Associate As Treasury Secretary


Donald Trump has mentioned on 3rd of November, he would appoint ex- Goldman Steven Mnuchin a business partner also a Registered Republican, CEO, chairman and co-founder of Dune Capital Management LP, as his Treasury Secretary. A tentative measure was taken and Trump declared if he will win the election on November 8, 2016, Fortunately, Now Trump won the US presidential elections and is now expected to take his valuable decision on this behalf soon.


As a matter of fact, when a number of applicants withdrew from Wall Street Mnuchin accompanying the campaign on the spot.Moreover, is the chief fundraiser of Donald trump . Steven Mnuchin resigned  from the association of CIT Group Inc. previous year. Steven has a remarkable expertise and extraordinary experience and also has the extremely  expanded profession and very strong business background that would be definitely going to turns as a boon for the Republican party. Steve Cohen is also the member of transmutation team who was  restricted for years of illegitimate insider trading.    

According to Mnuchin a graduate of Yale University , Donald trump has distinguished and novel approach for representation of various aspects which is different from former  political candidates.Up to now Donald has portrayed an image of adherence and coherence to the candidates who were with him during  the campaign selection procedure of administration posts.

According to the reports, Trump  sponsored his campaign on large scale at the time of   vowed to give away an extra $10 million of his personal funds. when Trump largely funded his own campaign during the primary competition for Republican presidential proposal  furthermore, to raise the fund jointly for his general election campaign opposition of  Democrat Hillary Clinton.Trump switch to accompany with the Republican National Committee. But more importantly, he has raised funds in millions on his own, that is, a total of $255 million, in addition to  approximately $56 million of his own capital, as compared to Clinton’s  who just contributed $513 million the whole election process.

A survey states that Steven Mnuchin has rendered the helping hand for numbers of Hollywood movies and also contributed prolonged 17 years of his life at Goldman Sachs.Further, he has donated thousands of funds to Democrats and Republicans inclusive of Clinton’s presidential campaign 2008. Notably, when requested by the reporters for the comments he straight away declined the same.

Let’s hope for the best and wait for the final disclosure.