All Time And Everyone’s Favorite The Charlie Brown Christmas Special

The Charlie Brown Special Show For Chiirstmas
The Charlie Brown Special Show For Chiirstmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas was first aired on December 9,1965 and has aired every year since then. The First opening lines of the song that starring the most beloved animated Christmas special character in American history, A Charlie Brown Christmas was “Christmas time is here Happiness and Cheer”. Now a days it is nearly impossible for anybody to even imagine the Christmas celebration without The Charlie Brown or Linus standing on a stage defining the true meaning of Christmas. Because The Charlie Brown’s capability to connect with both children and adults audiences have made it mandatory for Christmas time.

The special Christmas episode finds the Peanuts gang taking part in holiday bonanza. But not everyone seems to be happy with the holiday approaching as Charlie Brown grows upset over the overwhelming materialism that he get to see everywhere during the Christmas season. Lucy attempts to get Charlie Brown out of his complaining mood by getting him involved in the bonanza. When she fails to do so then it’s up to Linus to help Charlie Brown to “learn the real meaning of Christmas. Here’s a look at some funny facts about The Charlie Brown Christmas and how its journey of existence.

The Charlie Brown Special Show For Chiirstmas
The Charlie Brown Special Show For Christmas

The Charlie Brown Christmas is special way of teaching children and all the viewers that the real meaning of Christmas is not getting presents or to having a big Christmas tree. The special would not have happened at all if it wasn’t for commercialism. The story of The Charlie Brown Christmas originally began back in 1963, when producer Lee Mendelson and animator Bill Melendez made a documentary about Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz called Charlie Brown Amazing concept and it is sheer entertainment, even though the Peanuts strip was already popular by then and no network was ready to air the story A Charlie Brown Special.

In April 1965, a New York ad Executive saw a Peanuts on the cover of Times Magazine. The executive then called the Mendelson and purposed that they make a half an hour Christmas special story with Peanuts character as a part of Coca Cola Ad Campaign for holiday season. Mendelson agreed to make an Ad for the New York Ad agency with his unique concept of animation called The Charlie Brown Christmas special. The animators Bill Mendelson and Schuzl Mendelson came up with a great idea to be presented to the Coke executives in Atlanta. After seeing the animation the executives were impressed with the work and they said yes to the animators Bill Mendelson and Schuzl Mendelson to make an Ad for Coca Cola Campaign and to complete their task they had been given only six months. After the film was completed and when it was screened for the executives they did not like it much and thought it was bit slow and certainly was not a traditional Christmas show. Imagining the Charlie Brown Christmas without Linus reading of chapter 2 Gospel of Luke, without it the Special couldn’t possibly succeed in showing the true meaning of holiday.

A Charlie Brown Christmas is the 10th best selling album of all time. It has sold over 3.4 million copies since 1991. The music was key to success of The Charlie Brown Christmas. The music has became as famous as the show.