Aadhaar Linked Biometric Entry For IGIA Security Employees From Jan 1

International airport Delhi
International airport Delhi

To boost up the security the Central Industrial Security Force asked the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security to make Aadhaar Card compulsory for all Indira Gandhi Internation Delhi Airport employees along with their Airport entry pass (AEP) to gain entry to the airport premises and this will be implemented from first January. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which has the entire responsibility for the airport security, says this rule will prevent “unwanted activities” by employees. The officers have also explained that such an implementation of this rule will definitely enhance the security of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in many ways and these security guidelines will upgrade the entire security management system.

Cops at Delhi International Airport
Cops at Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi

At Indira Gandhi International Airport around 30,000 employees work and every year 30,000 ‘Airport Entry Pass’ (AEP) have been issued to the employees. Sources said that every year along with the real and genuine Airport Entry Pass many people fabricate bogus Airport Entry passes also for trespassing. This is the main reason why the Central Industrial Security Force has asked the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security to make Aadhaar Card mandatory along with the Airport Entry Pass. Since almost every Indian citizen is now having an Aadhaar card, so we will make it obligatory for them to carry it with them all the time during their duty hours. Generally, at the time of their checking before entering to the airport they have been asked to show their Airport Entry Passes only but from now onwards they will have to show their Aadhaar cards also in order to enter in the airport, as explained the DG of Central Industrial Security Force Mr. O P Singh.

Aadhar card
Aadhar card

The idea of making Aadhaar card mandatory comes in action after the series of meetings between the BCAS and CISF, where discussions were held to barricade any possible loopholes in the airport security and to make sure the honesty and dedication of the security officers present at the airport. The higher authorities of airport security want to create one more layer of security so that existing plastic ID cards issued to the employees can be replaced with the ID cards linked to the biometric system along with their respective Aadhaar card numbers. The Central Industrial Security Force is responsible for the security of the airport but the protocols the follow are all set by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. Even last year also the BCAS had changed the format of the pass issued to the airport employees. Earlier employees have issued the colored coded pass and which were further replaced with the passes having alphabetical codes on it.

Even this year also all over again new amendments have been made to the passes, the size of the photo of a respective person on the pass has been increased in size. Initially, the size was small and a person could not be recognized easily which was one of the reasons fro loopholes, as some cases of fake AEP were detected last year, therefore to deal with this problem the authority has decided to increase the picture size so that a person should be seen clearly in the picture on the ID card, a CISF official said.