BJP IT Head’s False Campaign Ensured Aamir’s Exit From Snapdeal

Aamir khan in snapdeal ad
Aamir khan in snapdeal ad

Facing controversies on intolerance statement, BJP IT Chief campaigned against Aamir khan to have him removed from Snapdeal’s brand ambassador chair, discloses a former volunteer of a team to a journalist. The company itself was coerced to shut Aamir from their ads.

Former BJP IT Chief Arvind Gupta had formed a team of volunteers who started a series of messages that were circulated on WhatsApp and other social media platforms to drop Khan from Snapdeal. The messages specifically said to run a crusade to remove Aamir from the post. When he was asked to confront and say on this matter Arvind Gupta waved off any accusation involving him and said she is a congress supporter so her charges are baseless. The woman named Sadhvi Khosla, who revealed such story was also one of the enlistees of that team, shared WhatsApp messages and whole plan with the journalist.

Aamir Khan had released a statement at Ramnath Goenka Award event on 28th Nov 2015. He had said that seeing the environment of this country, her wife has started feeling scared and wants to leave the country. This statement had the country heated up. Twitterati expressed rage and whole social media was flooded with the anger. Aamir, later on, clarified that his statement may have been taken out of context and never really said anything about India being intolerant.

Aamir Khan at Ramnath Goenka Award
Aamir Khan at Ramnath Goenka Award

In the journalist’s upcoming book ‘I am Troll, complete details are mentioned that how trolling led to the removal of Aamir Khan from Snapdeal’s brand ambassador position. Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar, in July 2016, hinted at the role of the saffron party which took several measures to ensure Aamir Khan’s exit. Later, at a book launching event Parrikar indirectly stated, those who are arrogant and speaks like this should definitely be taught a lesson. He also pointed a team which was working behind the scene to teach the company a lesson. Following that ordeal, Snapdeal refused to renew Aamir’s contract and was eliminated from the Incredible India Campaign too, succeeded by Amitabh Bachchan.

Aamir Khan has always been a nationalist. Hurt from the attacks on his patriotism, he said he loves India and he was born here and will die here too. Neither he nor his wife Kiran Rao thought of leaving India. In 2015, a mob had killed a guy named Akhlaq in the vicinity of Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh. Post this incident, the country was filled with intolerant atmosphere.

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