Controversy Rises As Suresh Kalmadi And Abhay Chautala Bags IOA Presidency

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IOA Logo

The whole nation was left surprised when Suresh Kalmadi and Abhay Chautala were appointed as new Life Presidents of Indian Olympic association. The government has expressed serious concern over their appointment as they both are facing crucial corruption and criminal charges. The selection took place at an Annual General Meeting held in Chennai on Tuesday.

Sports minister Vijay Goel in a press conference lashed out at the duo on scoring that position saying ‘it’s totally unacceptable’. This government is determined for good governance said Vijay Goel. Indian Olympic Association was dissolved by International Olympic Committee (IOC) when Abhay Chautala and Lalit Bhanot were elected as office bearers of IOA. Only after their removal from the organization, IOC lifted the suspension.  There are high chances Government might convert this matter into a fully swelled controversy by taking action on IOA.

Vijay GOel sports minister
Vijay Goel sports minister

Abhay Chautala countered Goel’s attack stating that the there are no criminal charges against him. The case he is facing is not a criminal but political and he has done enough for the sports in India hence deserves the Life Presidency. He also stated Mr. Goel is not fulfilling his responsibilities as the sports minister if he does it might increase chances of more medals for India. Goel should promote sports not controversy without knowing full facts.

According to sources, 150 members of IOA body unanimously voted for them to be enlisted as life presidents. Suresh Kalmadi who faced 10 months imprisonment for involvement in 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games corruption/scandal later released on bail, served as Indian Olympic Association president from 1999 to 2011. While Abhay Singh Chautala served the same association from 2012 to 2014. Earlier this month, Chautala was appointed as HOA Chief (Haryana Olympic association) that too by IOA.

It is disgrace to IOA for electing two of the corrupt person who shamed the country internationally. 2010 CWG Scam shook the whole world for it was a stigma of 2,342crore. It was a series of shame that portrayed India in a bad light. It was also the first time when a corruption scam attracted media’s attention internationally. The tour of the Game village was a disaster too and it was then discovered that amenities were not finished constructing. There were dogs paws print on the beds, humans lay waste was there and bathrooms were uncleaned. Coverage by International media showed everything in detail making India embarrass globally.

In the wake of this event what will be interesting to see is whether the central government can put enough pressure on IOA to drop Kalmadi and Chautala from life presidency level? For more updates keep surfing and Please Like, Share and Comment.