Cut Copy Paste! The True Ingredient Of The Great American Baking Show

In the run of Winning The Great American Baking Show
In the run of Winning The Great American Baking Show

You must have had an experience of written a story on a paper or on a personal computer and suddenly you drop a glass of water on your paper or your computer gets crashed and you lost the entire thing, and when you try to write the same story again, no matter how hard you try but you will not be able to do exactly the same you were doing earlier. This happens on Television too. Past week ABC has translated The Great British Bake Off, the UK series into The Great American Baking Show and this show is almost the same. The Great American Baking Show has used the same Theme, same Set, same Music and the same three-tier baking competition format. Each week a bunch of Amateur bakers take part in signature bake demanding particular type of clingy skills and then technical baking where they have to bake a recipe which they have never even heard of. Finally, the show stopper a round all about wowing the Judges with an insane recipes of cookies, pastries, pie and many other mouth watering treats.

In the run of Winning The Great American Baking Show

Every week one outstanding cook is awarded “Star Baker” and one who stands the lowest in category send back to home and this process goes on the same way until the panel of judges find the ultimate winner of the show. So, if everything is just a Cut Copy Paste stuff going on then where this translation went wrong ? Why is The Great American Baking Show is a flop ? The Great American Baking Show could have used that classic touch for that classic Aroma to run the show. Unlike the original show’s talent not everyone on this show is that much skilled baker. From the very beginning we have the idea that which baker will go first and who will stay for long. Because for this show the contestants should be great people and more than that they should be great bakers. We got a taste of Mary Berry with this series (formally named as The Great Holiday Baking Show) where American bakers competed to win Mary’s Heart  by making Sugary Delicacies worthy of high definition closeups and to win the title “Star Baker”.

This season of The Great American Bakers Show will be having Americans of different age groups to showcase their talent and not to forget to mention that this show is to deter racial discord. While Politicians are talking about the dividing and removing the immigrants that take up residence within American boarder this series instead is focusing on the diversity of cultures in the kitchen. As the main motive of this show is to make a group of like minded people who love to make sugary treats.

The Great American Baking Show is a good option to tune out to divert the mind from dirty politics at least for some time in favor of some good time and in holiday spirit. Surely Mary Berry is just so appropriate ingredient for the show during this point of time.