Deadliest Plane Crash In The History Of Pakistan

Plane crash
Plane crash

In the history of Pakistan one of the carcinogenic aviation accidents yesterday, while 47 passengers were traveling by Pakistan’s International Airlines crashed and burst into a blaze in the Northern mountainous part of the country in Abbottabad, everyone on the on demised on Wednesday.Further, Pakistan mourning over the 47 victims on Thursday, a big loss, and heartbreak to Pakistani community.

Plane crash
Plane crash

In the meantime, investigators are probing further to recognize the reason of the catastrophe. In the beginning of the investigation process, it was believed to have engine problem with the plane, it has been expected that there may be the failure of its turboprop engines just prior the crash, however, confirmation is needed from investigators side.  Nevertheless, many new queries raised regarding the safety record of the Pakistani International Airlines.

According to  airline chairman Muhammad Azam Saigol, the aircraft (ATR-42) crashed late on Wednesday afternoon had undergone regular maintenance, comprised of an “A-Check” certification in the month October, he further elucidated that the plan was perfectly sound, as per his perception no technical or human error was there in  the aircraft, without any doubt, there will be a proper investigation of this havoc tragedy which took place yesterday afternoon.

As a matter of fact, Junaid Jamshed, the role model and inspiring singing sensation well-known for the singer of Vital Signs was also the victim of the crashed plane, he was one of the first most successful and prominent personality of rock and pop bands of Pakistan in the 1990s, although, later he choose his solo career. Jamshed took retirement from music in 2001 and declared that he was devoting his life to Islam completely by becoming traveling evangelist, joining the conservative Tableeghi Jamaat religious group.

Moreover, many folks were grieving over this tragic incident online at that instant flight PK661 collided into the side of a mountain near the town of Havelian, in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa region yesterday, after taking off from the mountain resort of Chitral. Unfortunately, The flight crashed just 50 km (31 miles) away from its destination i.e. the international airport in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

As per rescuers, comprising numbers of villagers, the bodies of the passengers were burnt so badly that we could not even able identify whether they were men or women, we put the remaining parts of the victims into sacks whatever we could find and carried them towards the ambulance.In addition to this, the plane was shaky prior to its collapsed. It was nearly hit the village, however, it seems that the pilot somehow managed to drag the plane towards the hills.