Egyptian Woman Denied Medical Visa, Sushma Swaraj To The Rescue


A 36-year-old woman from Egypt, who is an obese patient, has been denied Indian visa to travel for medical purpose. The visa was applied in a normal process and was eventually refused to be granted to her. It was until the doctor who is treating her, tweeted to grab the External Affairs Minister’s attention towards the issue. Bariatric surgeon Dr.Muffi Lakdawala from Mumbai tweeted last night with the patient’s image with a caption- “Ma’am, Eman Ahmed 500 kgs requested me to save her pls help me get her a medical visa as refused thru normal process.”


Despite herself being admitted at the hospital for undergoing treatment, Sushma Swaraj was quick to reply back to his tweet. She thanked the doctor for bringing the case to her notice and made sure to help the patient. Sushma Swaraj was admitted at AIIMS in November because of kidney failure and she is still undergoing the treatment and is scheduled for a kidney transplant in coming week.

Dr.Lakdawala’s foreign patient, Iman Ahmed Abdulati lives in Alexandria city in Egypt. Scaled at 500 kgs, Iman Ahmed has not stepped out of her house for around 25 years, when she was 11 years old and the disease has been taking it toll since her birth. Her problems began at her birth as she weighed 5 kgs when she was born. As her legs were quite little and were not able to support her weight, she learned to crawl around as a baby but went on to crawl even at the age of 11 as she was gaining more weight and still had to count on crawling to move from one place to another.

She is suffering from a disruption of the glands and also possessing parasitic infection known as Elephantiasis, which causes extreme swelling in arms and legs. Today its almost impossible for her to move or even roll over bed. The extreme combination of two diseases has resulted in excessive increase of weight in her body. She was dropped out of school and then after some time she suffered a cerebral stroke which has left totally bedridden.

Abdulati’s sister said that their father died long ago so she and her mother take turns in taking care of her as she is unable to do anything on her own. Her family also requested online plea to the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-sisi for her treatment.

Mumbai based Dr.Lakdawala, is the founder of the Centre for Obesity and Digestive Surgery and some big names among his patients, like Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Industrialist Dilip Piramal and also Venkaiah Naidu.