Google Doodle Celebrates The 250th Birthday Of Charles Macintosh


If you visit Google’s website today, you would see that there is a doodle which has a man getting drenched in a rain. This might come as a strange to you until you would know about this man is Charles Macintosh and he is not enjoying getting drenched in the rain, but he is actually testing the waterproof material that he invented. Google is celebrating his 250th birthday as he was born on 29th December 1776. He is the inventor of waterproof fibers. Macintosh’s invention of waterproof material lead to modern day raincoats, we all generally use at times of rain.

Charles Macintosh, Inventor OF Raincoats
Charles Macintosh, Inventor OF Raincoats

Google says, “Today it’s his birthday, Doodle shows Macintosh enjoying the rain shower of Scottland and at the same time testing his ingenious invention. The great man was born in 1766 in Glasgow, Scotland. He started working at the very young age and his one of the first jobs was as a clerk for a local merchant in Glasgow only. Macintosh was more deviated towards the science and at the age of 20, he started working as a chemist. He was a self-taught chemist and kept experimenting new things. He developed different and new ways to dye cloth.

During the time of experimenting with the waste products of coal gas works, Macintosh invented waterproof fabric. The Macintosh raincoat is named after him. The rubber based waterproof material that he invented started being used on other types of coats as well, not just for the raincoats. The coats were also started supplied to the British Army, British Railways, and the police forces as well.The Scottland chemist’s invention of waterproof material led to modern day raincoat which we use now. “His invention, patented in 1823, came about as he experimented with coal-tar naphtha and rubber and realized they could be fused together with fabric to create a waterproof surface,” Google said.

Waterproof materials were not the only invention by Macintosh. He also figured out a way to make blast furnaces more efficient and also invented a bleaching powder. In Britain, it is common to call raincoat as ‘Mac’, inspired by the inventor’s name.

Later, Charles Macintosh died in the year of 1843 and was buried in the churchyard of Glassglow Cathedral. He is buried with his parents in the ground of his Grandfather. His name is also added to the impressive 17th Century monument which stands against the eastern boundary wall.