Google Makes Big ‘Play’ For Movies

Google Makes Big 'Play' For Movies
Google Makes Big 'Play' For Movies

Google has already settled itself as one of the home entertainment industry’s top retailers. Separately serving as the official app store for the Android operating systems, A Google play is digital media store, a place where people who want a break from Netflix can buy movie or TV show can buy digitally through Google Play.

Google Makes Big 'Play' For Movies
Google Makes Big ‘Play’ For Movies

The Head of worldwide movies and TV partnership, Jonathan Zepp said, ” Since our launch, we have worked to constantly perform and improve the experiences if the customers”. He will accept the Innovation Award on behalf of Google Play at the Variety Home Entertainment And Digital Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

This also adds establishing a global footprint. We are now selling movies in 117 countries and making us available in more markets as compared to any other transactional service in the world right now. He also added that he expected to see the accelerated change in how movies are distributed and consumed over the next few years. And he thinks all the partners and users will appreciate their commitment to scaled to reach and innovation.

Over the last five years, Zepp has helped to grow Google’s transactional electronic sell-through (EST) and Video On Demand (VOD) business on play and Youtube. He also played a key role in securing transactional partnerships with Disney, Fox, HBO AND Paramount, as well as launching the EST in the markets

Despite the dominance of Netflix – and the proliferation of streaming options – Zepp is convinced there’s a market for digital ownership. “The subscription streaming model offers a compelling value proposition for many users, but a lot of great content is not available in that model,” he says.

That is very true for users who value previously access to the most popular new released movies. He said he would love to see the industry articulate the value proposition of the transactional model relative to subscription and also ad-supported options, especially around content availability. They are also thinking about how to make this awareness more instinctive within our ecosystem.

Content partnerships are “critical to our business,” maintains Zepp, who describes himself as “an entertainment content enthusiast fortunate to find my way to Google at a time when the company was broadly seeing how to think about entertainment content. We view our content’s partnerships as it is more important than supplying alone. We are competing for consumer time and attention in a crowded space. We have established hundreds of content partnerships around the world.”

They are gearing up to launch around 4K on Google Play Movies & TV,” Zepp says. “The format is gaining momentum with the proliferation of 4K enabled living room devices, including Chromecast Ultra.”

This partnership also broad footprints of connected devices on which users can directly buy and access the Google Play Movies and TV content. They also recently partnered with Samsung to make Google Play and movie and TV available on its connected 2016 TVs also. They are also expecting innovation in movie distribution to accelerate over the next few years and looking forward to improving the experience of movie lovers.