Government May Open Up Coal Mining For Private Sectors

Coal mining
Coal mining

India may open doors of coal mining for private sectors in the upcoming year or two. The government is looking strong on moving out of the end-use limitations chopping off dependence on imports.

Coal and Power Minister, Piyush Goyal released a statement to PTI saying With few challenges ahead, coal will be an open commodity. He further asserted that interest has been observed for commercial coal mining. No challenges lie ahead in the coming year for coal sector and output of fossil fuel is expected to rise in 2017. There will be growth in consumption of electricity and coal production next year, bringing down the imports.

To put more washeries on the line, the government will be focusing to implement the plans for cleaner coal and will also ensure the operations are more environment-friendly so that people who work there and villagers who reside there, don’t suffer from harmful gas and pollution. The ministry will also keep an eye on how the water that comes out of coal mine can be processed thus, keeping away polluted water from mixing into the rivers and into the ground.

Piyush Goyal, Minister of Coal and Power
Piyush Goyal, Minister of Coal and Power

Speaking to CNBC-TV 18 in an interview Goyal said the money recovered from rich due to demonetization will be used on poor for their better lifestyle and to blend informal market with the formal. He also said that there is no jail term for the money hoarders but the penalty will apply. The ministry is planning to refresh hydropower sectors and soon tenders for wind power projects will soon be seen floating. Policies are being formed to drive halted projects meanwhile centering to extend the power generation capacity of the wind and solar power ahead ’25 Mega Watt’. The potential for Hydropower capacity in the country is estimated around 150 Giga Watt, Arunachal Pradesh alone generates 50 Giga Watt.

When asked about demonetization he said that jury is already out there figuring out how did it go but according to him it’s been successful in every way. Meanwhile, PM Modi in an interview given to India Today on Thursday, himself has clarified that the decision was not concentrated for short-term earnings but for structural transformation on long-term.

Earlier this month, Piyush Goyal launched a mobile application ‘Garv II’, which the ministry claims a new step towards providing easy access to electricity to all the households in the country. The app feature includes village–wise and habitation–wise baseline data on household electrification for all States has been included.

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