McGregor Acquired License To Enter The Boxing World


Boxing fanatics around the world are going berserk as the UFC Lightweight champion Conor McGregor has been granted the license to do professional boxing in the state of California, according to his management team. California State Athletic Commission has confirmed that he also received the federal ID along with the license. This news has given a fresh turn to all the online teasing going on between McGregor and Boxing sensation Floyd Mayweather, for a possible boxing match.

Both were indulged in a war of words after Mayweather said that he finds it disrespectful when people compare him to McGregor, calling himself an elephant and McGregor an ant. McGregor said that he want $100 million to take on the boxer and openly challenged him for a match.


The news was released soon after the Irishman was stripped off from his Featherweight title by the UFC authorities recently. UFC has confirmed that McGregor has vacated his title giving up ending the tenure of holding two titles.

McGregor has recently created history by becoming the first UFC fighter to possess two UFC titles at the same time. His featherweight title has been taken back from him which he won by defeating Jose’ Aldo at UFC 194 in December 2015. Although he still possess the lightweight title which he won at UFC 205 in November.

Conor McGregor has demanded equal shares in the ownership of UFC in return for the huge revenue collections and massive attention he has brought to the organization. After the fight at UFC 205,McGregor told media that he wants a break from fighting for a while as his partner,Dee Devlin, is pregnant and expecting a child around the second quarter of 2017. So there are speculations that he won’t be fighting any sooner than may 2017.

Last month there were rumors around the web that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is approaching McGregor to join the entertainment sports as a professional wrestler. McGregor also hinted the same by entering the UFC ring doing the infamous Vince McMahon walk. World famous wrestler and Executive Vice President WWE Triple-H said that company is interested to bring him in as he has the perfect required skills and attitude.

Earlier this week McGregor has been fined heavily amounting to $150,000 by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for hurling water bottles and cans of energy drinks at the UFC 202 pre-fight conference held in August. McGregor reacted to the fine by tweeting “I get fined more than these bums get paid.” UFC President Dana White told that McGregor found it quite absurd and he won’t be fighting in Vegas again after the fine has been imposed.Known as the ‘Fight Capital of the World’Las Vegas is expected to face huge financial hit if McGregor will remain keen on his decision as he has been in the headlines of four out of five of biggest MMA events in the history.