Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, Notes Ban Neither Intelligent Nor Humane


It is noteworthy that, the prominent personality  Nobel Laureate and Bharat Ratna Amartya Sen elucidate about the decision that was taken by the respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi  all of a sudden ban on 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Moreover,  the aim which to tackle the problems of black money that almost every Indian would admire this valuable and pertinent decision.


Speaking to with Barkha Dutt in an interview on NDTV Dutta Amartya Sen  described Modi’s Notes Ban is  Neither ban neither Intelligent Nor Humane. Previously in an interview with Indian Express, Sen opine that astute of Prime Miniter was completely autocratic and he proclaimed his disagreement on this matter. Furthermore, As per Nobel Laureate,in an interview to NDTV. The demonetization of currency was an authoritarian act as the government of India breached the vow of repayment and rectification which comes with a promissory note.

As a matter of fact, Professor Sen and Bharat Ratna on NDTV called the decision was wholly dictatorial and autocratic. Nobel Laureate in an interview to The Indian Express described only despotic government can tactfully, calmly, and effortlessly lead individuals to such suffering. Further, N-number off  innocent and honest people being thrown out of their own cash or money and are the victim of such misery general public is facing lots of hurdles and inconvenience to get their hard earned money that individuals requires time to time. Masses are making every bit of efforts and sometimes face disrespect and indignity.

According to the press media, Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, two and a half years ago when he took charge of the government as a Prime Minister and put the arms on the on tax dodgers by taking 86% of  banknotes from circulation i.e. 500 and 1,000 rupee notes for all intent and purposes overnight left the all and sundry with scratching hands.Although, Mr. Prime Ministerwas the one who got all the brownie points  for putting life back into the economy that was at its death door. However, Mr. Modi has got all the attention and has been admired and adored by the majority of the population.

But most importantly, layman facing complex situations and difficulty in the day to day operations. For quintessence, No shopkeeper, bus conductors, street vendors etc are accepting 500 and 1,000 rupee note as according to the government these notes are no more in the circulation.In addition to this, for the wedding of children not more than two and a half lakh can be drawn and that too after with lots of tricks and tackles, individuals  has to stand in long queue for hours for the cash withdrawal.

All in all, astute of P.M Modi has its own pros and cons, but one should adopt the pros and eliminate as ultimately it is for the betterment and growth of our country.