Sealdah-Ajmer Express Derails Near Kanpur, 2 Dies

derailed coaches of sealdah-ajmer exp.
derailed coaches of sealdah-ajmer exp.

Fifteen of Sealdah-Ajmer Exp (12987) coaches derailed near Kanpur. 2 persons died and more than 60 people got injured. The number of casualties is expected to rise as evacuation and search rescue operations are underway.

The incident happened when the train was crossing a bridge over a dry canal, between Rura and Metha railway station, and 50km from Kanpur. Railway officials are yet to figure out the reasons of the derailment. Another accident had taken place on November 20th near rural area of Kanpur when Indore-Patna Intercity’s 14 coaches crashed causing death to over 150 people and injuries to 200. Both accidents tell something about railway authorities’ seriousness towards passenger safety.

Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu tweeted saying he is personally monitoring the situation in the wake of this unfortunate mishap and senior officials have been sent to the site on the immediate basis. Moreover, units have been mobilized for search rescue and medical assistance. According to Malviya, Department of Public Relations, relief trains have been dispatched from Kanpur and Tundla for evacuation while the rest of the train’s passengers are arranged with buses to Kanpur, from there they can continue their onward Journey. Due to the accident, Delhi-Howrah route has been temporarily suspended and more than a dozen trains were diverted. Helpline numbers have been issued and are:

Railway Helpline Number:
Kanpur- 0512-2323015, 2323016, 2323018
Allahabad- 05322408149, 2408128, 2407353
Tundla- 05612-220338, 220339
Aligarh- 0571-2404056,2404055

British made infrastructure
British made infrastructure

This country witnesses many minor and major railway accident out of that 86% happens due to human errors. Despite possessing the third largest railway network in the world, the infrastructure is still the British made. The pace of burdening the existing tracks are way more than the pace of updates that are being introduced. On one side, the government is preparing for bullet trains, on the other hand, the same government is failing to prevent such accidents due to basic structures. Safety has always been a crucial concern for Railways. Lack of Anti-Collision Devices and improper signals are still causing the crashes.

In 1998 a committee has suggested the changes, to bring for safety. It seems railway has accepted the recommendations but only on papers. The panel also urged to change the technology for friction between coaches. And to put Mobile Train Communication on priority and to establish a Disaster Training Cell. The most important of all was to make the investigation report of the accident, public. More often Indian railways are seen on the news, may it be poor food quality or any mishap.

India still has unmanned railway crossing in numbers and IR department has planned to eliminate all by 2019 for safety purpose. Changes are informed but ground implication should be on the primary basis. For more updates, stay up and keep browsing. Please Like, Share and Comment.