Symposium On Disabilities being held in Halifax Up till December 3rd


3rd December is celebrated as Internation Day for persons with Disability every year all around the world encouraged by the United Nations since 1992. Inclusive Papua new Guinea, less or more than 15% of the world population, has some sort of disability. In the present society, it is evident that handicapped persons or person with any kind of disability are not treated at par with normal people, they face discrimination almost in every field, sometimes with such treatment they left far behind and are often taken for granted.


As a matter of fact, when compared to normal human beings i.e. individuals who are absolutely  fit and fine physically and mentally than disable individuals. Furthermore, they have to tackle poor health, less economic choices, poverty as a result of lack of options and services that are not available to them in a fair manner from decades, for quintessence, health, housing, education, training and employment and have minute access to justice, transportation, information, and technology.

But most importantly, Scenario has been changed, as gradually disable persons become empowered from past when as the consequence of the removal of many barriers. Today they can participate equivalently with abled individuals and may valuable contribution to the society. In addition to this, the aim of the sustainable development is to move the country step forward by leaving no one behind, these commitments must be transformed practically for the set aim to be attained and strict policies must be formulated and simultaneously taken into action practically. Paralympic is also initiated for bring confidence and motivation in the disable people to stand out in the crowd with honor.

It is pertinent to note that, The 2016 symposium  theme is, Ability Starts Here — Taking a Fresh and unique prospect. The Commission of Disabled Persons, the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, and the Collaborative Partnership Network are hosting  300 and above participant, at the symposium being held in Halifax, meeting at the World Trade and Convention Centre the  symposium ends on Saturday,  December 3, 2016. Additionally, The key points of discussion are disability issues and mobilize support for the rights, self-esteem, as well as the well-being of disabled individuals all over the global community.

According to Joanne Bernard, the minister responsible for the Disabled Persons Commission, the pivotal aim of the ninth annual symposium  is searching or finding new ways to bring out the hidden talent of the person with disabilities and utilize it in a positively. On the other side corner, limelight of the symposium Lieutenant-Governor’s Persons with Disabilities Employer Partnership Award to honor the honest efforts of the employers to motivate and promote best practices for employment and services to the disable people.

In the year 2016  provincial award received by Sobeys in Cole Harbour and the list of regional  winners comprised respectful Ascension Pet Needs & More, Yarmouth; Justin Restaurants (McDonalds), Sydney, Sobeys, Digby; Dixie Lee Family Restaurant, Liverpool;and The Root Restaurant, Kentville.further winner of the David and Kathleen Mooney Altruism Award Joan Paquette donated  on behalf of the Collaborative Partnership Network in memory of the late David Mooney every year.