BSF Jawan Raised Serious Issue But Investigation Will Be Done By DIG

BSF Constable Taj Bahadur
BSF Constable Taj Bahadur

“Mentioned BSF Constable who has uploaded his videos and selfie declaration on his facebook page is posted in a Battalion deployed on Line of Control. In a comparison of International Border deployment, serving conditions are harsh as the weather and counterpart both poses difficult challenge for the Jawans. However, the ration has been authorized to all including the officers at LoC and everything is available in good quality, quantity and in variety.” an official statement read.

BSF Jawan
BSF Jawan

The statement further read about the constable Tej Bahadur has a difficult past and was habitual of the offender of absenteeism without permission, chronic alcoholism, misbehaving and using force with superior officers, besides other acts against good orders and discipline.

“For such reasons, the individual has served mostly in headquarters under the provision of some dedicated and superior officers. The proper time has been given to individual’s improvement as welfare to the individual,” it said.

The official also pointed out that Tej Bahadur has been sent to the place of development only ten days ago that is he has shown in his current video, on the experimental basis to observe the improvements of past counseling.

“Deputy Inspector General (DIG) and Co officers also visited him and other BSF Jawans present in the strength of approx 20 days in the last one week and there were no complaint from anyone,” according to the sources. The statement also added that the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) level rank officer has been moved into the position and his investigation will reveal all the facts very soon.

Tej Bahadur can be also seen saying in the video that the soldiers stand for 11 straight hours every day regardless the weather or temperatures, but they are treated in the worst possible way. He also mentioned that “neither media nor any minister tried to take a note that how we are going through this harsh weather. Our condition is still worst. After this, I will send three videos that will show how our officials are mistreating us and we do not want to blame any government because they are giving everything that we need but our senior official sells everything”.

The video then shows us shots of dried chapatis and runny daal, and he mentioned in the video that there are even times when soldiers have to sleep empty stomach. In the second video, he showed that they only get one parantha in the breakfast that too without any curry or pickle. They only get parantha with a cup of tea and in his third video, he showed afternoon lunch where he again showed runny daal.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has ordered an enquiry after a BSF jawan posted a video on social media alleging that troops are served bad quality food and sometimes they even go hungry.

He also mentioned in the video that “I request honorable Prime Minister also to look into the matter. Friends, I may not live once I upload this video, as my officials have a high approach. Kindly share the video as much as possible so that every media organization come here and investigate and also witness how soldiers are living”.