Is It A Plane Or A Bird? No Its Amazon In The Sky

Amazon Drone
Amazon Drone

Till 2017, people were seeing Planes and birds in the sky but, soon you will be seeing e-commerce giant Amazon delivering packages from the air. The company intends to shorten its delivery time using flying drones without charging any extra cost from the consumer. It seems just like a science fiction, which is about to come true.

Amazon Prime Drone Delivery
Amazon Prime Drone Delivery

The twentieth century is progressing very fast and probably humans are among their most advanced inventions. Amazon has proved that science fiction is not limited to movies with its first unmanned product delivery. The company delivered an Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn to one of its customer in U.K. The drone (AMZN Tech30) took 13 minutes to deliver that parcel. Officials have said that currently there are only two consumers at the program from the United Kingdom, which later would expand to a dozen of consumers. The process is still under development and the world should not expect large-scale drone shipment yet.

Amazon’s next best idea is still a dream under construction or process. The company dreams of a flying warehouse that is a Blimp which would be floating in the air and dispatching the shipments through drones. The American e-commerce giant has filed a patent to build an unmanned airborne vehicle including several drones which would stick together in many configurations. The group of drones can be flown together to a distance separating them later for individual deliveries.

Amazon's Flying Warehouse
Amazon’s Flying Warehouse

The drone program is sounding crucial for Amazon as it will bring drown the last mile shipment cost from few dollars to a few cents. But the flying warehouse idea seems much more appealing as the drones would not have to travel back to the Headquarters or ground warehouses, this might save the company little extra in their pocket. The scheme puts the blimp 45,000ft. above the ground or city which will hold thousands of items and fleets of drones as well. The approach behind planting the fleet on floating warehouse is to make them energy efficient. Gravity, for instance, would do half of the work as the drone would not be needing power until close to the ground.

Having technology around is perky, what if you are off to trekking a mountain and got hungry? Well, Amazon drone services would come in handy. A few months back in 2016, Pizza Hut delivered pizza to the customers on the peak of the Kilimanjaro. Science has started to spread its wings further. We can only imagine how far the modern inventions will take this human civilization. Delivery from the sky is just a trailer, a new beginning.

How long before amazon starts delivering to rest of the world through drones? Only Amazon knows the answer. No doubt the drone will be efficient in delivering to some of the remote areas. Even its home country America will not be getting packages from the heaven anytime soon. And eventually, it won’t be just birds or planes in the sky but Amazon too.