Parties Try To Woo Voters As Election Campaign Gets Fierce in UP

UP assembly polls 2017
UP assembly polls 2017

It is 2017 and the country has already been made aware of the upcoming election in Uttar Pradesh. All the major parties are campaigning making usual promises to woo voters. While there are some throwing ‘caste based cards’. UP election is known for its fierce battle and bold blame games. It never misses gaining popularity. There is a lot at stakes. Will recent activity benefit Samajwadi Party or will congress make a comeback? What BJP has planned for UP and how its gonna turn election in their favor? Questions have surrounded minds and answer lies with the time.

In past couple of days, there are a lot that has happened and still ongoing. Samajwadi Party, the current ruler party in UP, for instance, lifted controversies with SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav kicking his heir to throne Akhilesh Yadav out of the party along with Ram Gopal Yadav. The move was enough for Akhilesh supporters to lay siege. Meanwhile, a follower attempted suicide turning UP Police on alert. CM after an unsuccessful reasoning with his father released a separate list of candidates. The country was to witness a battle between father and son but, not all can get politics to understand. In less than 24 hours of expulsion both Akhilesh Yadav and his close aide Ram Gopal Verma were taken back.

Father-Son Samajwadi Party
Father-Son Samajwadi Party

Another twist of taste came when Mulayam exiled Kiranmai Nanda, National Vice-President of the Party and Under Secretary, Naresh Agarwal. RJD Leader Lalu Yadav saw this move beneficial for BJP and released the same statement.

BJP, on the other hand, is campaigning with might. While there is no CM face for BJP, PM himself has taken the responsibility to cultivate voters. Earlier rallies in part of UP, Modi has been promising many things. He accused SP government of irresponsibility and poor governance. In Past couple of years, UP has been the ground for serious and big crimes. May it be Muzaffarnagar riot or Dadri mob lynching of Akhlaq. Amit Shah lead party is lauding their achievement, calling demonetization a big success and an action against money hoarders, corrupt and terrorism, countered by Akhilesh Yadav. He called old currency ban a step to exploit poor.

Bahujan Samaj Party is not far behind in the race. With Mayawati aiming for CM chair, and conflict with SP, ground for UP election heats up. While Congress is putting every effort, letting their major players bat. Priyanka Gandhi on Congress poster could be an another trick out of UPA’s fold. Elections are not far and parties trying their hard to get voters. It will be interesting to see how results turn out to be. Whether father-son duo will blow the winning horn, or the BJP will ban SP and other parties out of UP. Congress and BSP racing wheel to wheel, are making this election far more competitive.

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